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Meet & Greet

Never had a Pre- Service Consultation?

Once we've had a chat on the phone, and think we may be a good fit, we make an appointment for a free pre-service consultation, also know as a meet and greet!

This is a 30-60 mins appointment (depending on service required), where I come and meet you and your furry friend at home.

We see if we get on, it's suitable for me to provide the service!


Portrait with Dog

I meet you & you meet me!

We meet each other and discuss your requirements.

I do a risk assessment of the pet and ensure they are compatible with the K9 Krew family! You look at my paperwork & meet me and make sure I'm the right fit for you.

This sometimes includes a little walk down the street with the owner.

Image by NordWood Themes

Discuss Service Requirements

We go through the service requirements & preferences to make sure I know everything needed to provide the service to you & your pet. Make sure pets vaccines are up to date, and cats and dogs are chipped.

(I am responsible for animals whilst they are in my care so need to make sure they are complying with the law and also minimise risk of infection to other animals in my care.)

Dog giving a high five

Agreement & Paperwork

We just go through applicable paperwork and sign the agreement.

This may include:

(not all these are applicable for every service)

- Key Release Form

- Dog Vaccination Record

- Vet Release Form

- Service Agreement

Your pet is now part of the K9 Krew & Friends family!

How awesome!!!

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